Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Nooniversary! {Spring 2014 Blog Train}

In just a few weeks, I will celebrate my "Nooniversary" ….and WOW! What a year it's been! 

As a Noonday Collection Ambassador, I have had the privilege of meeting so many amazing women at trunk shows all over the Southeast who love The Lord and who are incredibly passionate about making a difference in an often overwhelmingly dark and disappointing world. I have grown to love many of my Ambassador sisters as dear friends--from Montana to Texas to North Carolina and back to Mississippi. I am grateful for a network of poverty-fighting, injustice-hating prayer warriors…who are also great conversationalists during long car drives to trunk shows! 

I have learned so much about our great big world…including a much-needed brush up on my world geography (Why didn't I pay more attention during that class? Don't answer that, college friends!). As I have educated myself on where the countries are, and more importantly the conditions in them, my heart has been broken…and my worldly American spirit has been humbled. While I have only traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to experience these conditions first hand, I am certain the bleak conditions and hopelessness I have seen and felt in those two countries are very similar to that of the countries where our artisans work to make our beautifully crafted pieces to support their families and contribute to the economic growth of their communities.
Guatemala artisans use looming &
dyeing traditions passed 
down through many generations.

It's no secret that I love Noonday and its mission. I love seeing the impact that YOUR purchases have made in the lives of our artisans...but if I'm being honest (which I really try to be!) there are nights and days when I just don't "feel" like Noondaying (Yes, it's now a verb, too…we're going google status, people). There are nights I'd rather be curled up on my couch with my sweet babies or on a date with my handsome husband…or sometimes, just anything else. 

Then I think about my Haitian and Dominican mama friends who often have no idea if they will be able to feed their families or when that meal might come. They pray to God to relieve their suffering, heal their illnesses, protect their children and provide for their needs…and they BELIEVE He will! 

But what if - just IF - my sweet mama friends (and millions of others like them) had jobs they could count on? Not a "go-to-the-market-and-hope-my-goods-sell" kind of gig...but a guaranteed income because the demand for their products was so great! What if they could lay their heads down at night under a roof with no leaks and know there would be food on the table tomorrow for their families? What if they knew their kids would be at school learning to read and write and make a better way for themselves? What if they knew they could afford medical care when their children got sick?

Oh, the joy and peace it could bring!

Peruvian artisans work on our new
jewelry line.
So, on those days and nights when I'm really not feeling the Noonday vibe - I go. I go and I advocate. I pray for that day when my mama friends around the world will have the same peace I have about my children's care and their futures. I drive my Facebook and Instagram and Twitter friends crazy with my posts (sorry - not sorry!). I get outside my comfort zone and and ask more people to host parties. I drive 8 hours in one day for a 2-hour show. I check labels before I purchase to make sure I'm spending my money on things that empower and protect.

Sham is a talented Indian artisan who is 
changing the way women are treated in
 his country - at home and at work.

I have come to understand that each piece sold makes a difference. A difference for one mom. One dad. Many children. A larger community. Each piece of Noonday sold gives HOPE to one mom. One dad. Many children. And their larger community.  

So if you see me on March 24, be sure to wish me a "Happy Noonivesary!" And if you've purchased Noonday in the last year or hosted a show or shared a post or connected me with a friend or family member that hosted a show….THANK YOU! 

Thank you for joining a movement to punch poverty right in the face and bring HOPE to so many! 

To help celebrate and say "THANK YOU!" to so many who've been a part of this journey, I'm giving away a party…an ARM PARTY!

Comment below with your favorite Noonday piece from the Spring 2014 catalogue and/or share this post to be entered to win all this loveliness!
Giveaway ends Friday, March 7 at midnight!

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