Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's been a minute...

It's been a minute since I've had the time (or energy) to crank out any coherent thought pattern that might resemble a blog post. Holy busyness, Batman!

A couple of updates...

Haiti is still on the map...and in my heart! I just returned from 11 days in Haiti and the DR! I can't believe the progress that HMM is making with the Promised Land compound and within the community of Anse-a-Pitre. When I see the change in the children and I hear many of them speaking English, the tears well up before I can stop them. I am blessed beyond imagination to be just a small part of it! Next trip: May! Excited about this one because I get to share it with my sweet husband and many members of my own church family! We will be gone May 25-June 2 and covet your prayers as we minister to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through providing medical and dental care, adult bible studies and VBS-type activities with the children. 

The Noonday Collection spring line has launched! My March calendar is full with shows hosted by fashionable, world-changing women who are becoming advocates for thousands of artisans simply by opening their homes, whipping up a few of their favorite snacks and sharing lots of laughs and fun with their friends. Seriously. There is nothing easier than hosting a Noonday show - and you get FREE jewelry and accessories. If you haven't hosted - or attended - a show, you really need to get in touch with me soon! I have a few spots left in April and I'm booking shows in May, too, if you want in on the fun!

I am still CHOOSING JOY daily in 2014! One of my oldest (as in longest friendship!) friends sent me the perfect daily reminder (which just happens to look amazing with all my Noonday goodness!) and there have been moments when seeing this message on this beautiful bracelet have steadied my thoughts. Moments when CHOOSING joy wasn't the easy would have been easier to whine, pout, scream and/or cry at the circumstances. I (really!) wish I could say it was getting easier, but there are days when I feel like Satan tries even harder to make choices other than JOY more appealing...and there are definitely days he wins. 

I am thankful I am drowning in a sea of forgiveness and grace when I take my eyes off the Giver of Joy. 

So, there you have it - in three short paragraphs - and update on the last month.

Well, that's not exactly true...

There's these two guys.

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