Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Sacrifice

Today is Ash Wednesday. For most of my life, that really meant nothing. I grew up Southern Baptist and the Lenten Season is not something that I really observed. However, since joining the United Methodist Church, I have come to appreciate and actually look forward to Lent. 

I have come to appreciate the process of praying through what I will "give up" for the 40 (46 counting Sundays) days of Lent. I finally felt affirmed in my decision this morning. 

This year, I am giving up Facebook for personal use 
and all fried foods.

While both will be difficult and at times tempting, I feel convicted about the time spent on one and the indulgence of the other. I hope this will truly be a time when I experience spiritual growth. 

This amazing video brings me to tears every time I watch it and puts my Lenten "sacrifice" in perspective. He gave the ultimate sacrifice...

What are some french fries and a social network 
in the face of this?

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