Monday, January 9, 2012

L.O.V.E. this stuff!

Readers who've been following my blog or really anyone who's been around me for a significant amount of time are well aware my addiction to Dr. Pepper is a (HUGE) stumbling block for my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I can't stand the taste of Diet Dr. Pepper and although I had a brief love affair with Dr. Pepper 10 a few months ago, I have long-since returned to the "real thing" and all its carbonated, surgery goodness. If it were just one a day, it probably wouldn't be a big deal, but I shudder to think about the number of calories I drink each day.

Alas! I believe I may have found something to help! On the recommendation from a friend, I (begrudgingly) bought some of these on-the-go packets and much to my surprise...I love it!!

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. (and no, they are not paying for this post...although I wouldn't mind a retro-active endorsement deal...). You simply dump the packet into your water (another area I'm working on!) and shake.

I made it until almost 1 p.m. today without a Dr. Pepper and never felt like I was dragging. I think there are other flavors (maybe I'll "L.O.V.E." those in another post), but the Wild Strawberry gets two thumbs up from me.

Maybe I WILL make that February 6 goal after all...

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  1. I think I've FINALLY kicked the diet soda habit. Yes, it saves calories, but the chemicals are really scarier than sugar. I kicked the habit with Perrier water with a slice of lemon. I'll be honest, it takes some desire, and some "getting used to" but now it totally satisfies my craving for the fizzy. I think I had 2 diet drinks in Dec. and NONE in Jan. so far. Now I think it's better not to taste it, than to tempt being an addict again. I did notice the last 2 diet drinks that I had did NOT taste as good as they once did. I'm thinking if I tried it now, I "may" not like it at all, but again, I'm not going to "test it/tempt it"