Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Recap of Weeks 4-6 & The Final Week of "7"

Well, life happened. Actually Noonday Collection happened, if I'm being honest. Lots of amazing ladies learning how to use their shopping power for good in the last month = not a lot of time for much else. But I'm ok with that (and hope you are, too!). 

But here are the recaps of Week 4-6 for Jen Hatmaker's "7" Experiment going on in my life…

WEEK 4: Media

I stink. That is all.

This was my actual post to our Facebook group about my media week "sacrifices"…

I'm pretty sure this will be worse than food week...
Giving up...
1) TV
2) Pinterest
3) Vine/Snapchat/YouTube/Vimeo/blah, blah, blah 
4) Instagram & Twitter - other than Noonday and HMM posts (no scrolling)
5) know the exceptions.
6) book/iBooks - Bible and Jesus Calling only
7) Limited radio. I am driving to Arkansas with Eli or I would go completely.

Oh my word. I want to cry...I'll trade all that for Dr. Pepper. 

Several days later…I admitted my failure and acknowledged I am entirely too "connected" and even addicted to the connections, if we're being honest. My job(s) rely heavily on social media and although I included the work caveat in the list, I got sucked in and then couldn't look away. By Thursday, I was scrolling through Facebook like nobody's business and "liking" and "commenting" like a champ. 

Media Week = FAIL

Week 5: Waste 

The point of this week (I think!) was to become more aware of our wastefulness and find ways to recycle, upcycle and otherwise reduce the damage we're causing to the earth. I'll admit, I struggled getting excited about this, my friends. We do a lot of things in our lives because we're busy and it's convenient…
So, this was also pretty much a fail, although I did remember to recycle some of my Dr. Pepper cans from the week. Hold habits die hard, people. 

This really takes a family effort and we're just not there, people. We do have a composting plan we're going to work on through the spring and hopefully have ready to implement in time to plant a few tomatoes and maybe a few other things that will grow well in containers…and without much attention…because I can't keep a house plant alive so why I'm considering gardening, I'm not sure.

And I am going to devise a plan for the recycling. *Note: We don't have the luxury of pick-up for recycling, so it can get a little messy hauling cans across town.

Waste Week = FAIL

Week 6: Spending

Ok. I was really hoping this would be my rebound week after two weeks of completely bombing the experiment. The premise is to only spend money in seven places for the week. That sounded soooo simple. Until noon on Monday when I realized I had already spent money at FOUR places NOT on my list. 

Here is my post in the FB group outlining my plan for the week…

So, here we are. Next to last week. It's spending. I've already spent money at four places since yesterday morning - none of which were to be on my "list."

Today is a new day, so here we go:
1. FUMC Louisville
2. Walmart (ugh)
3. Wherever Kelli and I have lunch tomorrow (her pick)
4. Noonday (strictly business, of course!) 
5. Water bill is due - wherever that goes
6. Little Caesar's (just keepin' it real, peeps! It's going to happen (at least) one night this week!)
7. Leaving room for another "oops!" here…it's going to happen.

* Note: I intentionally paid all the bills early anticipating this week. Is that cheating?

I won't make a second list of all the places I spent money that weren't on that list, but let's just say my hopes of rebounding and avoiding a third FAIL in a row were dashed by Wednesday.

Spending Week = FAIL

Week 7: Stress

I was really hoping this week might involve a getaway weekend to the beach with my "7" ladies - it only seems right, yes?

Not quite. I/We will be observing seven pauses throughout the day (and night) with specific prayer focuses and verses (will post those in a later blog for those interested in trying this at home). 

The Night Watch (midnight)
The Awakening Hour (dawn)
The Blessing Hour (midmorning)
The Hour of Illumination (noon)
The Wisdom Hour (mid afternoon)
The Twilight Hour (early evening)
The Great Silence (bedtime)

For those who know me, morning is not exactly my "best" time and I am one of those people that has trouble going back to sleep once I'm awake…this week may be painful.

But the alarms are set and here we go…

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