Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimsuit Edition

It's been two weeks since I have had a chance to post and things have been a little harried around here.  Family, work and church have kept me hopping, but I've managed to squeeze in 10-13 miles per week despite the chaos. Weird to think six months ago, I was running nearly that in one day!

We are gearing up for our first Walton Family beach trip (Orange Beach, in case you're curious!) which has produced much anxiety about donning a swimsuit. You'd think I would be a little more excited given my smaller size (and relatively speaking, I am!), but it's still a swimsuit. Nevertheless, here it is - oh, and that's NOT me, although I could see how one might make that mistake (bhahahaha!).
Found at:
in case you'd like to be my twin!
It's totally age (and mom) appropriate, but I do feel pretty in it and it looks decent enough...not quite like the model, but "very close" (cough, cough). I love the colors and the strap is removable for any opportunities to soak up some rays sans two sweet boys.

Anyone enjoy shopping for a swimsuit? Maybe it's just me.

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