Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast Like Mommy

One of my "purposes" for running (see blog title!) is to set a positive example for my boys. I don't ever want them to dread exercise or struggle with their weight like I have most of my adult life. 

Tonight, during bath time, I got some feedback on how this is going with the oldest Walton boy...

Me (overly dramatic, but very concerned): Riley!! What happened to your elbow? You have a scratch!

Riley (concerned, but no drama): I fell down and hurt it.

Me: Today? Did it happen at school?

Riley: Yes, ma'am (and he's learning manners - BONUS!).

Me: What happened?

Riley: I was running fast - LIKE YOU - and I fell down (emphasis added).

Seriously? My heart melted! I love that kid! I have no aspirations (or hope) of being a "fast" runner but as long as my boys think I'm fast, that's good enough.

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