Saturday, May 7, 2011

Market Street 5K is in the books!

We did it! I am so proud of Jeff for his stellar finish in his first 5K. He says first and last, but I'm confident this race was just the catalyst for him to increase his intensity and distance. He's way too competitive to NOT enjoy a little racing every now and then. So, here's a recap...

We left Louisville around 6:30 a.m. to drive to Columbus. A very quiet ride over as Jeff was too sleepy and I was too focused to say much. We arrived and I immediately found the bathroom (of course!). Jeff got us registered while I took care of business. We were bummed to learn that we wouldn't be getting those matching shirts we had hoped to wear all day...darn. Pre-registration is important, people!

After finishing at the registration point, we walked out about 1/4 mile from the pavilion to the starting point to begin stretching. We struck up a great conversation with another runner who just happened to be from Louisville, too. Small racing world, huh? He was running his second 5K and was gunning for a 26 minute finish - pretty sure he made it because we could see him just a little ahead of us. Yay!! We saw a few other familiar faces before the race began and spoke with them as well.

Promptly at 8, the race began. It was an out-and-back route on a great shaded trail with little to no incline. Temperature was about 60 at the start - pretty much perfect running weather. I took off a little faster than I should have, but was determined to maintain the pace. First mile in 8:37/mile. We were staying together for the most part and trying to create some space for ourselves; we're big people and take up a lot of room when running shoulder-to-shoulder!

Around 1.4 miles, we started passing the runners on the return leg and knew we were almost to the turnaround. Second mile in 8:53/mile. During the third mile, I chose my "rabbit" and began to pick it up a bit. When I passed her, I picked another one (this one had on bright pink shorts which made her "fun" easy to chase, by the way). Third mile in 8:46/mile. We hit the last stretch already at a pretty good sprint and ran the last .1 mile in 7:43/mile. 

Our times were 27:02 and 27:05 (I think the official times were 27:07 and 27:10, but it wasn't chipped timed and they were having trouble with their card system, so I'm going with the Garmin). I finished just a few steps ahead of Jeff although I was certain his long legs would eventually pass me. 

Market Street 5K - May 2011
Columbus, MS
My goal was 27 minutes or better, so I'll definitely take 27:02 (and now start pushing for under 27!). We stuck around for the awards ceremony - just in case I placed in my age division and sure enough - 2nd place! I was shocked because there were over 200 runners this year. 
2nd place
Women 35-39
All in all, it was a great day to run and both of the Waltons were pleased. I anticipate my sweet husband will be a little sore later today or tomorrow, but I am so incredibly proud of him. Not just for finishing the race today, but for sticking with this whole running thing for the past 4 months. He's a big guy and running hasn't been easy on his body. He inspires me with his perseverance and determination to keep going!

Big shout out to the senior Waltons for keeping our boys for us, too!

** Found the pics from last year's Market Street 5K and a before/after post is coming soon! WOW!


  1. congrats to both. You will get that sub 27 soon, very soon.

  2. Congrats to both of you! I don't know anyone who is "one and done" with races. :)

  3. Great job! 27 minutes will be history before you know it.