Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm embarrassed...

I'm embarrassed. Good blogging requires continuity. The last month has really been a blur. Luckily, I've run more than I've blogged (to find a bright spot?).

We went to the beach the first week in June, and I thought (or maybe I hoped) things would slow down a bit upon our return. No dice. I managed to get in a few 2 - 4 mile runs while we vacationed in Orange Beach. It was so fantastic to have designated pedestrian lanes on the road and not have to fret about traffic. Well, at least not as much as normal. The humidity was pretty rough, but the sounds and smells of the ocean totally made up for it. Despite the chaos, I've managed to log about 10 - 14 miles per week.

I leave Friday with our youth group for a trip to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I'm excited about the cooler weather and planning to get in some miles while we're there. They will be hilly miles, I'm certain, and probably done EARLY in the morning, but I'm ready for some new terrain and I'm pretty sure I'll need the time to keep my sanity.

I'm finding a lot of enjoyment in my running - despite the miserable heat and humidity that mark summertime in Mississippi. I have refreshed my playlist recently, gotten comfortable with my summer pace and I'm trying to mix up my routes as much as I can.

So, despite my failure to blog about it, the running goes on. I hope July will bring a little more downtime (and I'd be ok with some cooler temps!) as I have a list of ideas for posts.

Stay hydrated, my friends.

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