Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot, Humid and Snakes...Oh, My!

Week 1 of marathon training in the books. I still can't believe I'm really doing this. I've visited the race website several times just to "confirm" my registration.

Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 3.2 miles
Saturday: 6 miles

18 miles total for the week - and that's about 8 miles more than last week! So thankful for the overcast skies during yesterday's long run (God answers even our "smallest" prayers!). It's been really hot and humid this week and to be honest, I am NOT really enjoying running very much right now. I know that will change in the fall, but the thought of the long runs BEFORE fall does not make me look forward to this.

So, I had my first encounter with a LIVE snake this week and didn't even know it. My neighbors came to tell me that they are pretty sure I ran right on top of a water moccasin that was coming out of a wooded area in our neighborhood. WHAT? It was fairly small (they ran over it coming to tell me it was there, thank goodness!) but it was a snake nonetheless. I think it might be time to invest in a headlamp for my nighttime running.

131 days until race day (OMGosh! That freaks me out a little!)!

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