Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't miss the train!

It's a blog train...with giveaways!

See? As Eli would say, "I todeja." (AKA: "I told you.")

You do NOT want to miss out on the goodness that will given away over the next 34 days! The fall Noonday Collection launch is tomorrow and 34 rock star Ambassadors are sharing their blogs, their hearts and their favorite Noonday pieces with YOU!

Bookmark this page and check back daily for the link to the day's featured blog. Not only will you love the freebies - you will love the hearts of the women who will be sharing! Follow their blogs (and enjoy the freebies) and be ready to be inspired by women who've said "YES!" to God and whose lives reflect obedience to Jesus' command to "love the least of these." From adoption stories to fair trade fashion insights to mission experiences, these women are the real deal (Not sure how I managed to squeeze my way in, honestly!)!

Here's your line-up for the month-long inspirational freebie-fest! ENJOY!

Aug 28 Krista Box : www.thegirlwhosaidyes.blogspot.com Aug 29 Alicia Hale : www.raisingalittlehale.blogspot.com Aug 30 Stephanie Nunes : www.nunespartyofthree.blogspot.com Aug 31 Natalie Perry : www.perrysplate.com Sept 1 Laura Walton : www.runningwithapurpose.blogspot.com Sept 2 Amy Armstrong : www.lovingandlivinghisway.blogspot.com Sept 3 Cara Coleman : www.thefrontporchramblings.net Sept 4 Lilly Neubauer : www.pancakesandbeetjuice.com Sept 5 Cynthia Coppinger : www.cynthiacoppinger.blogspot.com Sept 6 Kristine Shafer : www.kristineshafer.com Sept 7 Desiree Thompson : www.hannahjamesblog.com Sept 8 Carmen Jonas : www.primroseandolive.tumblr.com Sept 9 Amanda Cobb : www.thecobbfamilyflys.blogspot.com Sept 10 Liz Sanchez : www.lizsanchez-insidemyhead.blogspot.com Sept 11 Kristan Roland : www.confessionsofacookbookqueen.com Sept 12 Tesney Davis : www.oureyesopened.org Sept 13 Aimee Bell : www.raindropsonrosesblog.wordpress.com Sept 14 Annette Miller : http://mrsmiller2012.blogspot.com
Sept 15 Brandi Mendenhall : www.thefairtradefashionistas.wordpress.com Sept 16 Wynne Elder : theelderadventurers.com Sept 17 Jenna Beaugh : www.eatliverun.com Sept 18 McCall Aldridge : www.leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com Sept 19 Emily Hays : www.emilyhays.blogspot.com Sept 20 Lindsay Chambers : www.myvisionsofsugarplums.blogspot.com Sept 21 Elizabeth Bricknell : www.elizabethbricknell.blogspot.com Sept 22 Heather Keehn : www.teamkeehn.blogspot.com Sept 23 Katie Eller : www.cardiganway.com Sept 24 Candace McArthur : www.agirlwithredshoes.wordpress.com Sept 25 Jennifer Arnett : www.thestatewerein.com Sept 26 Emily Tilsen : www.lifeunfabled.blogspot.com Sept 27 Sara Mixon : www.mixonmania.blogspot.com Sept 28 Melonie Grover : www.veryeasilyinspired.com Sept 29 Carrie Glanzer : www.themotherspearls.com Sept 30 Debra Rice : www.turquoiseandlove.blogspot.com

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