Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beach-front Running

Yesterday, I arrived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a two-day conference. My husband tagged along  (he grew up on the Coast) hoping he could visit with friends while I was in the sessions. We left the boys with the grands (a BIG thank you to them!!) and it's been a nice little get-away for us both. 

Cool thing?

We BOTH packed our running gear and went for a 4-mile run along the beach this morning! It was a beautiful morning, perfect temperature - I really enjoyed our run!

Just a couple of thoughts from the experience...

1. A change of pace is nice...for life and running. I miss my boys something terrible, but it's been nice to spend a little time with my husband between the conference meetings. Our run together this morning was icing on the cake. It wasn't my "best" run ever in terms of pace (Bob Harper's kettlebell  workout is still kicking my tail!), but it was new sights, sounds and even smells.

2. I am so proud of my husband! He "left me" twice during our run to pick up his pace a little but we finished the run together. He got new, properly fitting running shoes on the trip down, and I think he's going to enjoy running much more now. I worried when he started running in January that he wouldn't stick with it through the rough time to get to the point where he wants to run and actually enjoys it...but I think he's getting there. I'll be surprised if he doesn't finish his first 5K in under 29 minutes (I'm trying to talk him into a guest post on his C25K experience - stay tuned!).

3. I think I'm going to like my new shoes! I have been wearing the Nike Vomero (3 and 5) since I started running and I've been scared to try anything different. But, I'm giving the Brooks Glycerin a go and so far, I like them. The fact that they look like mint chocolate chip ice cream helps a little, too!

4. I will never forget to pack a sports bra again. Enough said.


  1. amen to #4. i forgot mine when i was in miami last week. so yeh... i feel ya on that one :))

  2. Love this! Chris is running too...but we never have a chance to go together b/c one of us always needs to stay behind to watch the kids (and he's much faster than I am!) Still love reading about your journey!