Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's working!

The new approach is definitely working! I am a new woman...ok, at least a new runner?

The week in review since my break-thru:
  • Sunday: 2.75 miles in 26:48 minutes
  • Monday: Rest day (largely because of the terrible weather moving through!)
  • Tuesday: 4 miles in 38:10 minutes on a pretty hilly route on campus with no music (might as well change big if you're going to change, right?)
  • Wednesday: 2.25 miles in 20 minutes (8:58 pace!) around my neighborhood circle 
And, I've already packed my bag to run after work tomorrow. It's weird; I actually want to run more - and longer and faster - now that I don't "have" to.

I am also reading Run Like A Mother and anticipate there will be several posts related to this soon.

Hope you're all having a great week! Would love to hear what YOU do to change things up in your workouts! Ginny (who blogs at Happy Feet 26-2) had some great suggestions after my last post...what are YOURS?

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