Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, summer! You've come too early!

It's April. In my book, that is a spring month. These last few weeks have not felt "spring-ey" though. The humidity is already creeping up and ugh - the bugs! I'm not sure which is worse!

So, here's my top five least favorite things of summer running in Mississippi:

5. Time doesn't matter. You can get up early or wait until later in the evening, but either way - it's miserable because of the 100% humidity.

4. Time does matter. I am so slow in the summer. Even when it's a short run, I feel sluggish and like I can't push my pace.

3. Bugs are gross. When I run at night, I feel them smacking my face or arms. Then I find them stuck to my skin when I come in and I'm even more grossed out. Oh, and don't get me started on the horseflies. Do I really smell that bad?

2. Clothes - or wishing for a lack thereof? Ok. Guys can run during the hot months in basically shorts and sneaks. Ladies, we have to keep everything covered and if you're like me, have to keep the jiggling covered, too. I don't know how many times I've wanted to shed some clothes, but unfortunately, my body is not the "typical" runner's body, and I'm pretty sure I need to just tough it out and keep my shirt on.

1. I stink. I'm sure my southern belle readers while be offended by my honesty, but seriously. "Glisten" is NOT what I do when I run in the summer; I am pouring sweat from every pore of my body. There is no "freshening up" after a run - a shower is a must.

There you have it. My honest assessment of summer running. What's your least favorite part of running in the summer months? Or do you L-O-V-E it?


  1. I do not like running when its warm and to me, 60s feels warm! I usually run very early, but I thnk it can actually be more humid then - ugh! And the temperature definitely impacts my pace. I don't usually get buggy, but I do get salt crystals on my face. And sometimes I am still sweating AFTER my shower - guess I need a longer cool down!

  2. Guess my biggest issue is the heat PLUS humidity. I can take one or the other okay, but when they are combined and I step outside and feel like someone is stepping on my chest cause I can't take a deep breath, that's a big knot to tangle with. I do not like having to get up so early in the morning just to beat the heat and sometimes (in MS) that doesn't seem to matter cause it's 24/7.

    I use to hate to sweat and don't much; but since becoming a runner, I've learn to embrace it and accept the fact that showering is a necessity soon afterward and that even after one the sweat is still around. Good post!