Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've lost it...26.2?

The whole taking-a-break-from-training thing has not lasted as long as I had hoped. Somewhere in my crazy head (I think it was actually around mile 4 of my 6-mile run today!), I decided I want to (try to) run a full marathon...this year (What? Are my eyes reading correctly what my fingers just typed? Who hijacked my blog?).

When I started running last year, the full 26.2 was a bucket list kind of thing. You know - when the boys got a little older...after the Promotion & Tenure process was complete...when I had more time to train, really. But now, I think I want to go for it...and in 2011.

I had planned to run St. Jude's 1/2 again in December, but I'm thinking I may just go ahead and register for the full marathon. It's a great race, amazing atmosphere, great course, far from home so no one will read the police report or see the news where I had to be transported to the know, all the great race pre-requisites for your first marathon. And if I think I can't make it the full distance, I can always turn off at the 13.1 mark and no harm done. Well, other than feeling like a complete failure, I'm sure.

Anyway. I'm putting it out there for all the world to read and comment on. I have no aspirations of qualifying for Boston with my time; I just want to finish...upright.

Marathoners - is this really possible? Have I totally lost it thinking I have time to train for this? 

Oh, dear...


  1. you can TOTALLY do it!! if i can (twice), you can FOR SURE!! omg... im so excited for you!! (sorry for all of the exclamation points...)

  2. When I first started running several years ago, I thought long-distance runners were crazy. Then after several 5ks, I did a 10-miler, then a half marathon, then I did what I thought was natural and did a marathon. You can definitely do this, but it takes a much bigger commitment than anything else you've ever done. You have to respect the distance. Good luck in making the decision -- signing up is the most nerve-wracking part!

  3. YES - I believe all consistent runners should run at least one marathon. If you can run a half, you can finish a full. The key will be your long runs. I can email a great Team in Training beginner marathon plan if you like.

    I'm VERY excited for you and look forward to your journey forward to 26.2

  4. Yes, you can! I ran my first marathon this year. Each and every long run I completed further than what I'd run before was like winning a race. It was exhiliarating and I enjoyed all of my long training runs. So when I began the race, I could hardly stand it. It was so exciting. Training is the key. Don't give in to the "don't want to" days. Take pictures throughout so you can recall the accomplishments you achieved along the way. I look forward to reading your milestones and all that you encounter. Go for it! You CAN do it!!

  5. You absolutely can! I have run on and off for about 12 years now. Last year, I got serious and I did so by registering for my first 5K in February, after having moved to MS. I ran it in over 33 minutes. My goal for 2010 was to "try" to run a half by the end of the year. As 2010 closed, I'd run 5 half marathons & improved my time at that distance by 30 minutes! I also made the decision to run my first full in January 2011 at the Blues Marathon. I'm not gonna was a hard thing, but I finished. As we're getting into 2011, I am going to run my 2nd full at St. Judes in December. I won't begin training for that until after the summer because I have a couple of halfs and other races to get thru before then. If you want to do the full, I will train with you virtually and be there to provide you the support you need. Believe me, the support is the important part! You can do this and I hope to be there with you on your journey!

  6. WOW! Thank you guys for all your kind comments and encouragement! YOU ROCK! Your support makes me so glad I started this blog! THANK YOU!!!