Thursday, June 7, 2012


I went shopping.

For those of you that know me, this is probably not really earth-shattering news.

But this trip was amazing! I went to buy happies to take to the kids! It was so fun to shop and think about their reactions. I bought bubbles, a few jump ropes, some Nerf balls, Matchbox cars and a construction vehicle set, and some hair pretties for the girls. I have several friends bringing things for me to pack as well and I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving out some clothes to stay under my 50 lbs of luggage...and I'm ok with that.

It was a fun trip, but the best part was coming home with the loot and talking to Riley about it. Of course, he really wanted those Matchbox cars for himself, but was more than willing to give them up after we talked about the boys who would get them that may not have any cars. We even prayed over the toys with him that night at bedtime, and he has since mentioned "the children who will get those toys" in several other prayers. While he will likely grow up never having to want for anything, I pray he is learning to have compassion and a heart to help those who aren't as blessed...

Today's prayer requests:

1. The children who will receive the team's gifts. Pray that they will enjoy the fun, but also that their joy and happiness will come from a relationship with our Heavenly Father and last much longer than these trinkets.

2. The parents of these children. Pray that they will see God's love in our actions and affections for their children and they will also come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Three more days...

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