Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today was a pretty emotional day. It was my last day at church before the trip, so there were lots of prayers and well wishes...which of course made the reality set in - It's really here. 

My Sunday School class (which is amazing, btw!) prayed over me to start the day and then I was "commissioned" during our 11 a.m. service. 

As if that wasn't enough to cry off every bit of my make up, I shared with our youth group tonight as well. Jeff wanted me to share how God has worked throughout the last two years to prepare my heart and open doors for me to go to Haiti (see Praying for Haiti). So, yeah. I was pretty much a blubbering mess by the end of the day! 

Keeping it short, so here are today's prayer requests:

1. Please pray for smooth air travel. With 40 people on the team, there are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong (lost luggage, issues with customs, etc...). Pray God will make the travel process smooth and uneventful.

2. Please pray for smooth bus travel. Once we land in Santa Domingo, we have an 8 hour bus trip. Pray God will keep us safe and protect us from difficulties (flat tires, mechanical issues, etc...). 

P.S.: If you're wondering if I'm still running, yes. Ran 4 miles Friday and 3.5 tonight. :-) Hoping that will pay off next week when working in the heat!

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  1. praying for you and your team...what else can I do for you? luv u...and expecting God to do great things...