Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Reasons I Run

A few nights ago on Twitter, people were posting reasons they run (#whywerun); there were some really great comments. It made me start thinking about the reasons I run. I'm quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of lacing up the sneaks and the reasons have definitely changed from my initial motivation. So, here are...

The Top 10 Reasons I Continue to Run:

10.  It's a great excuse to buy great looking work-out gear.

9. I like the look of surprise on people's face when I say, "I'm a runner."

8. It's an age thing. As I get older, I need to "feel" younger and running certainly makes me feel better about aging (most days, anyway!).

7. I can eat (almost) whatever I want without gaining weight.

6. I FINALLY like the way my legs look in shorts.

5. I think race t-shirts are cool.

4. I want my boys to remember me as an active/healthy mom who could keep up with them. I love the look on Riley's face when I "race" him around our circle on his bicycle.

3. I love all the technology (my Garmin 405, Nike+, Twitter chats, Daily Mile, etc...)!

2. I'm too cheap to join the gym. I'd rather spend the money for a gym membership on new clothes!

1. It's pretty much the only time I have to myself during the day. As a working mom and wife of a youth minister, my days are filled with people. Running provides my serenity time and the further I run, the longer I have to myself. I see a marathon in my future, folks. :-)

So, what about YOU? Why do you run? Or if you don't run (yet), why do you want to?


  1. I want to run (again) so I can make my own top 10 list and to say that I'm thinner and healthier in mind, body & spirit!

  2. Great list! I should do one as I am coming up on 10 years of running. Many of mine are similar. I *need* to run for the head-clearing, stress-balancing time, and I love the feeling of accomplishment.

  3. A couple of things come to my mind. One is that I'm amazed that my body that it can do what it does, even if I've not trained it well. Another is that I LOVE to see other's reactions when they find out my age!!! This is a biggie for me! I must account a lot of that to running. Love the way my clothes fit. And, I love the way I feel...that's the best thing of all.

    I'm gonna think about this for MY motivation. Thanks for the post! You're doing great...keep up the good work!