Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Running Playlist

The battle over the radio in our car or the television remote in our home is oftentimes just not worth it, so one of my favorite parts of running is having TOTAL CONTROL over the music!

When I first began running, I downloaded all this really hip, fast-paced music. Appropriately titled "Running Tunes" on my iPhone, I was confident that the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber (did I really just admit that?), Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga were going to rock me through the miles. I used this prize playlist for about two weeks and then accidentally selected a different list one day as I set out for my run.

It just happened to be my "Praise & Worship" list. I thought, "Oh, man! This run is going to be rough with all this slow music." Uh...BEST RUN EVER! The music took my mind off the discomfort my body was experiencing and refocused it on my heart (And as most runners will tell you, you run with your heart!).

AMAZING! I haven't run with another playlist since. I occasionally add new tunes, mix them up and choose new "power songs," but this certainly works for me.

Here are the first 25 songs from my current running playlist:
1. Leaving Eden - Brandon Heath
2. What Have You Got To Lose - Third Day
3. Light Up The Sky - The Afters
4. King of Glory - Third Day
5. Come Home - Luminate
6. Lift Up Your Face - Third Day
7. Hands and Feet - Audio Adrenaline
8. Blink - Revive
9. Show Me Your Glory - Third Day
10. Beautiful - MercyMe
11. Undone - FFH
12. Gone - Third Day
13. You Are More - Tenth Avenue North
14. The One - Brandon Heath
15. Forgiven - Sanctus Real
16. Sound Of Your Voice - Third Day
17. Your Love, Oh Lord - Third Day
18. Yearn - Shane & Shane
19. My Help Comes From The Lord - The Museum
20. Children of God - Third Day
21. Your Love - Brandon Heath
22. Trust in Jesus - Third Day
23. Ocean Floor - Audio Adrenaline
24. Our God - Chris Tomlin
25. I'll Be Your Miracle - Third Day

I know it's not "traditional" running music from the perspective of most runners, but I am in my "happy place" when I run with this playlist and that makes for a "happy pace."

So, now I'm curious - what works for YOU? What are YOUR favorite running tunes?


  1. Mine is MUCH less noble. I have to have some hip hop, but I have EVERYTHING on my iPod.

    In case you missed my tweet, I'm now challenging to continue the h2o/soda challenge for feb. Yes?

  2. I have some of the same stuff with some Casting Crowns thrown in. I was worried about it not "rockin" but it keeps me going mile after mile and then some more.

  3. I generally don't run with music, but when I do I like a wide variety - from my favorite of Dave Matthews Band to Josh Groban to old-school Dr. Dre.

  4. Currently, my fave song to run to is "Dog Days are Over" from the Glee Soundtrack. I feel like I could run for days when I'm listening to that song...so I occasionally play it more than once during a run.

  5. I am fairly new to the iPod. My son gave me his old one. But I am training for a marathon, and I highly recommend these songs by Caedmon's Call:
    "Coming Home," "Thankful," "Climb On," and "Daring Daylight Escape."