Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 Random Things

This weekend, I enjoyed an amazing girls' weekend with three girlfriends from college. We met in Memphis (they all live in Arkansas) and spent Friday and most of Saturday laughing, shopping, and well, eating. I was SCARED to get on the scale this morning - even following a 5.5-mile run. But, somehow, despite the gluttony, I managed to lose weight. Apparently, laughter is great exercise!! So, I am now 1.4 pounds from a significant milestone in this journey from fat to fit...the 150s. I haven't seen 150-something in probably 10 years! Stay tuned, friends! I'm motivated and the Tagalongs are gone; this could be the week!

A non-scale victory this weekend: Spent WAY more than I wanted to (or should have) on a new pair of jeans, but the fact that they were a size 31, seemed to make it ok in some crazy way. According to the Big Star Jeans sizing chart, this is a 9/10. WHAT? While that might not seem "small" to some, I bought a pair of pants two weeks after Eli was born that were an 18W. I'll take a 12 or 10 ANY day, my friends! 

And finally, I love running on Sunday mornings! I've always reserved Sunday as a "day of rest" in my training. Partly because it's biblical and partly because Sundays are somewhat hectic at our house because of Jeff's schedule and responsibilities at the church. But, because I didn't get my run in yesterday, I got up early and ran this morning. WOW! No traffic. Perfect weather. Amazing playlist to get my heart ready for worship this morning. Pretty sure I'm going to be working some Sunday runs into the schedule a little more often.

So, there you have it. A few random events/thoughts/milestones from my weekend. 

Oh, and if you're ever in Memphis and can get to a Huey's, EAT THERE! It was the best burger I've ever eaten and the onion rings are as big as your head. Calories don't count during girls' weekend, right?

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  1. Huey's is the best!!! I hope you had a great weekend in Memphis!