Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Perfect" running weather?

The weather has been on my mind a lot these last few days. We had some pretty rough storms move through my home state of Arkansas and then across Mississippi on New Year's Eve leaving lots of destruction. It has me thinking, which of course, has me blogging.

So, I've been running for almost a year now and have faced all kinds of weather. I loathe the "dreadmill" so almost all of my running has been outside on the road (I did a few runs around the track inside the Family Life Center at our church this summer when the temps were just unbearable!).

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages...

I loved spring because its warmer temperatures and sunshine are so welcome after the colder winter months. I didn't mind the rain, but the humidity before the rain was smothering at times. Spring also seems to encourage change and growth because I can see the world around me changing. Summer in the Deep South is pretty miserable - no way around it. I tried to get up early to run before the heat and humidity were just unbearable but had many short, slow runs in 90 degree heat. Fall weather is Mississippi is probably my favorite. The cool mornings and mild afternoons make running at any time of the day possible...a lot like spring but with less humidity? Long runs are enjoyable rather than exhausting, and there's nothing like the sound of leaves crunching under your feet as you run through the miles. Winter in Mississippi is probably my second favorite time to run. Our winters are relatively mild so running outdoors through the winter months is pretty enjoyable most of the time. I've even had a few runs recently wearing shorts - something my Northern neighbors may envy! I'm sure the next month or so may change my mind about winter running as the worst of our winter is likely yet to come. 

So, in the middle of winter - wherever you are - I ask:

What is YOUR "perfect" running weather?

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  1. I'll have to agree with what you said. Although I do NOT like the bitter cold. To me, it's like the high humidity combined with heat. I really like the cooler days but not what we're having right now!