Saturday, January 1, 2011

And Her Name Is...

Thanks to everyone who submitted a name for my "name-my-fat-girl" contest. There were some really good ones and I loved the explanations that accompanied them. You guys are creative; I knew I could count on you!

Here are the entries:
Bertha (Big Butt Bertha or Bertha Big Butt)



(Fatty) Mattie


Bertha Bell

Fatty Boombalatty (shortened to "Phatty")


(See comments from "Shadow Boxing" post if you'd like the explanations!)

This was a very tough decision. All were viable options. So, I had to fall back on one of the tests that we used for naming both of our boys...the ability to yell it without hesitation or stumbling over it when angry or frustrated.
And the winner is...
I love that it's similar-sounding to my name and that her strength for change came from God (more on that in a later post, I'm sure!). So, congrats to Courtney for her winning submission! (Send me your new mailing address, and I'll be dropping you a "happy" in the mail Monday!).

Thanks for playing, friends! Happy New Year!

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